This Man Spends Entire Day In The Snowstorm to Save Dying Puppies

A Man Spends An Entire Day Trying To Save Dying Puppies From A Pipe In The Blizzard
Hera, a homeless dog, was filled with stress and anxiety after giving birth  during the harsh winter months on the streets of Serbia. Every other day, a snowstorm caused chaos, making it difficult for mom to find food or keep her fragile little puppies warm and well-fed. She eventually crawled through the snow to find refuge in a cool and drainpipe alongside the road.

Hera was constantly worried about the survival of her newborn babies over the following few days. Every time she heard a car drive by, she would jump out of the pipeline, begging passers-by to help her in keeping her babies alive. However, her hopes were destroyed by indifference, since no one had ever used the shelter or heat that she desperately wanted for her babies.

In the video below, we witness Milan, a male from the “Canine Rescue Shelter Mladenovac,” bravely hiking trough the stormy roadways to save Hera. Milan wanted to make sure Hera was secure and comfortable at the sanctuary after a visitor warned him about her wandering around while on vacation. Despite the fact that the most of the pipes in the territory were buried in snow, Milan was able to find Hera using her paw prints.

Hera’s eyes light up with hope as she dashed out the door as soon as she heard Milan approaching the pipe. Milan was happy to see her kind attitude, but his heart saddened when he found her pups shivering in the pipes after being drenched. Nevertheless, protecting the 4-week-old puppies proved to be more difficult than he had imagined.
Hera’s puppies had no prior contact with humans, which made them scared of Milan. Despite Hera’s assurances, they refused to leave their unhappy home since they had no indication that a better life waited them. With night approaching, Milan needed to move quickly to get the pups out of that hell pit.

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This Man Spends Entire Day In The Snowstorm to Save Dying Puppies
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