Rescuing 2 Homeless Dogs Whose Heads Had Stuck in Plastic Jar

This poor dog spent more than three days with his head stuck in a plastic jar. With his head wedged in a plastic container, this miserable puppy was sheltering in the basement of a building. Rescuers arrived and had to use medication to capture him. He ran till the medication had an effect. Hunger is terrible, and this poor soul would not have lived another day without food. Rescuers took him to a shelter after removing the plastic container off his head. He’s secure now, and he’s at his caring sanctuary, where he’ll enjoy a long and happy life.


This second dog spent approximately two weeks with his head stuck in a plastic jar. It’s unbelievable, and we had no idea how he managed to survive his own… The poor puppy was so terrified that he refused to let his rescuer touch him. Despite the fact that he escaped into the woods, rescuers did not abandon up. They’ve been trying to catch him for about an hour… Finally, they catched him and  liberated  from the plastic container. They placed him in a shelter and will look after him for the rest of his life.


Thanks to everyone who helped to rescue this poor dogs.