Bear Cubs Get Stuck in Tree Trunk

A strange scream emanating from the woods puzzled a Wisconsin homeowner. She looked into it and saw two orphaned cubs on a tree branch.
Because of their appearance, bears might appear scary and dangerous. When they get near to society, though, they could be the ones in serious danger.
That is especially true for these two helpless cubs who became stuck in a tree in a Wisconsin residential neighborhood.



They could only cry for rescue since they were in such a critical situation.
They screamed for two days until a concerned person heard their sobs. She then follows the cries until she discovers the frightened creatures.
She quickly seeks assistance and rescue for the animals. They were given watermelons for hydration as soon as the rescuers saw their stressed state.
After being freed from the tree, the cubs immediately rush into the wild.


These little cubs were given a chance to live freely in the wild due to someone who has a kind heart for the environment. That demonstrates humanity’s ability to hope.


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