Man Who Finds 500 Lost Dogs, Decides to Quit His job and Take Care of Them


Takis Proestakis was a nightclub owner who went to the dump to throw  some garbage when he came across something that completely changed his life. Countless abandoned puppies, some starving and damaged, wandered the streets. His heart ached for them, and he couldn’t turn a blind eye to their situation.

He started taking the dogs home, and  went to the dump every day for a year to feed and care for the others. However, when people began to protest and even harm the dogs, Takis convinced them that if they waited for 30 days, he would take them all in. He bought some property and constructed Takis Shelter.


This was now his full-time work, and he had to give up the nightclub and sell everything to cover his living expenses and medical costs. “This is not a job,” he says. “This is a great motivation to live.”
Takis would give everything for his little container home and 20-hour workdays. He discovered his life’s mission.