Disabled Chihuahau Abandoned by Owner Wonders if She’ll Ever be Loved Again

Tossing a dog or any animal is definitely one of the most terrible things that can happen to them.

For the thousands or millions of them out there, it’s a sad reality. It’s something they’re afraid of, and something they never want to happen to them.

This poor Chihuahua is one example. Despite having a disability, fate turned against her when she was abandoned by her owners.  Her name is  Daffodil , and she was thrown and discovered in a cardboard box when she was still a puppy.
People would frequently pick her up just to abandon her when they discovered her condition.

Both of the Chihuahua’s front legs are missing. What a sad puppy.  When the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SF SPCA) heard about her situation, they rushed to save her. They realized they had to show her the love she deserved. They realized they had to show her the love she deserved.

Instead of seeing her disability, they saw her strong and beautiful soul. It didn’t take long for her to adjust to life after getting so much love and attention.

Daffodil began to come to life. She grew into a cheerful and curious puppy.
What they witnessed from the small puppy surprised them. They saw for themselves that she is a strong and soulful dog.


They wanted to acquire Daffodil her own set of custom-made wheels to help her even more!  Daffodil’s road to a regular existence was not simple — far from it.   She   faced   several challenges, yet she was unaffected by any of them. Her wheels were a great fit, and when she finally put them on, it was clear that she was beginning  a new chapter in her life.

Daffodil was so excited about her new wheels that she tripped and fell at first, but that didn’t stop her from attempting to walk and run on them.

She eventually got the hang of it and learned to walk with the cart attached to her back.

She was ready for an adventure, no matter where it took her.  Is it difficult to love a dog who is disabled? No, it’s not. It didn’t take long for this adorable pup to catch the attention of potential adopters.

Daffodil was able to find a new forever home after that.

Olivia, who had also looked after Daffodil during her rehabilitation, adopted her.
She fell in love with the puppy the moment she saw her for the first time. She will undoubtedly become the best mother for this puppy.

This should serve as a warning to all dog owners, as well as anyone considering getting or adopting one.

We must look at them beyond their physical condition.   All dogs should be adored and treated the same way. No dog, including beautiful Daffodil, deserves to be packed and dumped in the middle of nowhere.

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Disabled Chihuahau Abandoned by Owner Wonders if She’ll Ever be Loved Again
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