Meet! Pickley The Cat With The Most Beautiful Emerald-Green Eyes

Pickley isn’t  typical cat. At least not when he’s awake.

You could think he’s just another lovely kitten if you saw him laying in a delightfully warm sunbeam with his eyes closed, sleeping the afternoon away. But as he lays his beautiful, emerald-green peepers on you, you’ll understand how unique this kitty is.

And you’ll want to see more of him immediately.  He even has his own Instagram account to delight all Pickley fans.

Pickley’s family initially saw him at an animal shelter and was instantly attracted by his emerald eyes.

“He wouldn’t stop looking at us through the glass when all the other cats were playing,” his owner told Cats on Catnip. “It seemed as though he selected us.”

Pickley doesn’t have to do much to capture people’s hearts. In fact, all he needs to do is give them a peek of his emerald-like eyes, and they’ll be charmed.

His family noted that he’s not just a cute cat, but also a real sweetie.

“He wants to be identity, but he’s the most dependant cat in the world,” they said, adding that while he has a kind heart, he can also be naughty.

They added, “He enjoys knocking lamps and literally anything into the ground.” “He killed a butterfly once, but he felt terrible about it.”

Pickley’s favorite color happens to be (what else?) *green*.

Indeed, whether it’s through his cat harness, toys, or the gorgeous little green bowtie he wears in so many of his Instagram images, this handsome kitty is always rocking the official color of Emerald City.

He’s characterized as “sour and sweet” in his Instagram bio, which might be where the name “Pickley” comes from.

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Meet! Pickley The Cat With The Most Beautiful Emerald-Green Eyes
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