Tiger’s Maternal Instincts Allow Her to Rescue Babies

Tiger’s natural instincts help her to save twin puppies who do not respond in an a startling moment.

It is about all beings, not just humans. If you don’t believe, you can watch this fantastic video of a wild Sumatran tiger giving birth that will blow your mind.

The mother tiger knew exactly what to do to save her unresponsive kids at the Australian Zoo, which was witnessing a rare and heartbreaking scenario.

Caitlin acted as though she had a lot of experience licking her babies to remove the amniotic sacs and help them to breathe again.

She understood how to clean her two babies till the amniotic fluid had disappeared and they could breathe normally.

Caitlin had never been taught to do these things, but her maternal instincts compelled her to, much to the amazement of the staff.



Giles Clark was able to capture the delivery of the twins while standing close to the tiger. Because they didn’t want to disturb or worry the mother tiger, the other team kept a tight eye on him from the monitor.

The Sumatran tiger is an endangered animal, according to the WWF, with an estimated population of less than 400 today.

As a result, when the Sumatran tiger is about to give birth, it must be kept under the guidance and protection of the zoo workers. Watch the video below!


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Tiger’s Maternal Instincts Allow Her to Rescue Babies
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