The Soldier Saves the Squirrel’s Life

A baby squirrel on the edge of death was discovered by Pyotr Pankratau, a Belarusian army soldier. He took the squirrel and used a syringe to nurse it back to health. What happens then is truly incredible. Masik was the name he gave to his new pet! Isn’t he the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen? Pyotr took his small pal with him when he left the army.

Pyotr got a job as a taxi driver and had the ideal assistant waiting for him.

“I carried him around with me.” Everywhere in the army. As a result, he became used to it. Masik follows a routine at home as well: he eats, then sleeps, from the kitchen to either under the blanket or the closet. He prefers to sleep close to my neck with me. He is so independent.  There are no creatures that are more perfect.”

“He went away once, but when I got up to the tree, he came back.” I put him on a tree recently, and he was terrified and shook all over.”

He doesn’t always inform his passengers of the presence of a squirrel in the car. “I don’t show him to everyone. What’s the point, after all? Why always bothering him? I show him to the children. I do, however, keep an eye on him.”

Masik truly enjoys playing with the kids.

And  he simply enjoys the ride!

If you ever find yourself in a taxi in Minsk, keep an eye out for a squirrel.

Isn’t this incredible?! What a shock it would be to get into a taxi and see this tiny guy. Make sure to tell your friends about this.

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The Soldier Saves the Squirrel’s Life
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