The Woman Sees ‘Her Dog’ in The Sky a Few Hours after Her Death


We have a particular bond with our four-legged friends. Our pets are more than simply creatures to us. They resemble family members rather than animals.

So it’s always devastating when a pet passes away.
Many pet owners who have lost a pet try to find comfort in the notion that their companion has crossed across the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is a meadow where animals seek human companionship before entering heaven together.

Lucy was comforted by Sunny’s death and went out with her boyfriend to catch some fresh air.

They happened onto a location where Lucy was walking her dog, Sunny, while traveling. She got out of the car because she  wanted to feel the presence of her dog.

As looked up into the sky to check if there was any sign that her dog was okay, she saw something unusual.

Lucy noticed her dog’s face in the sky as she glanced up. With tears in her eyes, she looked at the sky where she saw Sunny.

Lucy’s  dog was showing her that he had relocated to a better location. When Lucy saw her dog’s face in the sky, she claimed she felt warm. It was his way of assuring them that he was  fine.

After Lucy published a photo of an inspirational vision on Twitter, even dog lovers sympathized with her.   It was liked by almost 100,000 people, and many dog lovers sympathized with it.

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The Woman Sees ‘Her Dog’ in The Sky a Few Hours after Her Death
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