A Little Boy Stops Traffic to Rescue a Dog

While other people went about their business, disregarding a wounded dog on the road, this small kid chose to stop traffic and hug the dog with all his love and comfort. His actions demonstrate that being a superhero does not need a great deal of effort.

In July, the local daily Globo Rural reported on an automobile accident involving a little dog in Brazil. Jean Fernandes, 11, was walking down the street when he came upon the helpless dog. He simply could not stand by and watch it suffer.


He hurried into the street, weaving through the cars to reach the crying dog. He cuddled the terrified dog that had been abandoned in the middle of the road and was confused what to do.

Rafael Martins, a street photographer, recorded the heartwarming scene on the street. He was impressed by the 11-year-actions old’s and shared the photo on Facebook. With 24K likes and a thousand shares, it quickly went viral on the internet. Jane was praised for his compassionate treatment of animals and pets.


According to a local newspaper, the dog was successfully taken to safety. The boy was overjoyed since he was able to help in the rescue of an animal. Jean’s mother, on the other hand, remarked that she was not surprised because he has always loved animals. She also mentioned that her youngster enjoyed helping animals in trouble.

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A Little Boy Stops Traffic to Rescue a Dog
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