Dad of a Dog Born without Front Legs Decides to Give Him a Second Chance


Nubby is a smart puppy that loves to go around and play in the yard with his owner. He lives a full and happy life, which he was given by kind people who were not afraid of difficulties.

In light of this, the veterinarian recommended the owner to euthanize the baby by putting him to sleep. However, Lou Robinson of Texas, who has dedicated her life with her husband Mark rescuing stray and abandoned pets, said no.

She didn’t think twice about taking care of the unusual puppy and bringing him home with her. She had no choice but to use a bottle to feed the baby.

Lou and Mark took turns keeping an eye on Nubby, making sure he was never alone, even at night. Things looked to be going well for him on the surface. The puppy has grown a little and acquired weight.

His ears got bigger, and his eyes sprang up. Nubby had the ability to smell, recognize voices, and even attempt to bark.

However, at the age of one month, the puppy began sneezing. When the puppy’s nose began to inflate and he began to have excrement problems, he was hurried to the doctor as soon as possible. X-rays revealed that the esophagus had been injured.

After the veterinarian advised antibiotics, Nubby was placed in the incubator.

The puppy’s health was deteriorating, but he fought for his life in the same way as his adoptive parents, Lou and Mark, did . After a couple of hard weeks, he was eventually able to return home.

Three years have passed since then. Because he was surrounded by affection, Nubby grew up to be a joyful and vibrant dog.

Of course, some steps are challenging, but he is unafraid to fall because his owners’ kind hands are always near. Lou and Mark also bought the dog a customized wheeled device that replaces his front legs and that he uses when he gets tired.

The unusual dog has a lot of admirers. The Robinsons have a Facebook page where they post photos and videos of their pet’s adventures. And about 60 thousand people have signed up to follow it!

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Dad of a Dog Born without Front Legs Decides to Give Him a Second Chance
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