After Allowing Him to Pet Their K9 Dog, a Knife-wielding Suspect Surrenders to Police

You never know what the day may bring as a police officer. It’s a job that’s full of both good and bad events and surprising moments.
Even while they can rely on co-workers to provide as much information as possible, you can only know the entire scope of a call when you’re on the scene.

A report was received about a knife-wielding guy going along an interstate by these two Camden County cops, Georgie.

But, to say the least, this meeting with the cops was one-of-a-kind.

Source: Camden County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Teams

When the deputies arrived, the suspect still had the knife in his hand and refused to drop it.

“Our deputies responded to a call earlier this week about a person wandering down the side of the interstate with a knife in their hand. “After deputies made contact with the person, the person refused to drop the knife,” the Camden County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.
Things suddenly changed when Cpl. Sullivan arrived as a back-up, accompanied by Troger, his K9 unit partner.

Cpl. Sullivan asked the knife-wielding guy multiple times to drop the knife, but he refused to listen.

When he saw Troger, though, he felt a lot calmer with the police.

Then he asked Cpl. Sullivan if he may pet his K9 companion, which was a strange request.
The officer instantly saw that this was an excellent chance to de-escalate the situation without turning to violence, so he made him a deal: the man may pet Troger on the condition that he put down the knife.

The suspect instantly dropped his weapon and was permitted to pet Troger for a matter of seconds without any additional struggles or issues.

The police then took the suspect into prison, who was obviously in a severe mental state, in order to get him help. Cpl. Sullivan and his K9 Troger then arrived on the scene. Cpl. Sullivan ordered the guy to drop the knife, but the person resisted. Cpl. Sullivan, on the other hand, was questioned whether it was his K9 with him, and he said yes. The guy then asked if he may pet the K9, to which Cpl. Sullivan replied that he could if he dropped the knife first. The individual then dropped the knife, petted K9 Troger, and was led away without more incident to receive the help they needed.

A dog is a man’s best friend, and they are also necessary in law enforcement agencies.

“The canines assist us in doing our duties in a cleaner and more effective manner, saving the Sheriff’s Office hundreds of man-hours each year.” Deputies are unable to enter locations where the canines freely and freely wander. The Law Enforcement Museum adds, “We rely on the canine teams to use their specific talents to assist us rapidly discover suspects, evidence, narcotics, explosives, or missing persons.”
This narrative has taken an unexpected turn, and it’s all because to the power of dogs.
It’s hard not to wonder how things might have turned out if Troger hadn’t been there to settle things down.

Troger’s photo was posted on Facebook, where it earned thousands of likes. Not every hero has two legs!

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After Allowing Him to Pet Their K9 Dog, a Knife-wielding Suspect Surrenders to Police
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