Budweiser Clydesdales and The Puppy’s Friend are Back Together in a New Commercial

Budweiser’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial, “Puppy Love,” illustrated the formation of an inseparable relationship and bond between a Labrador Retriever puppy and a Clydesdale. The puppy used to sneak over to the neighbor’s house to visit his horse friend, but he was eventually adopted and had to leave him behind.

The Clydesdales soon came together and pursued the dog, eventually reuniting. However, social distance created a new barrier between them. That’s where “Reunited With Buds,” their new ad, comes in. It shows a bar getting ready for business as places begin to prepare reopenings.

“We’re looking forward to seeing our friends.” “But when we do,” the commercial ends with this words, “let’s do it safely.”

“Remember to drink—and reunite—responsibly wherever you are and with whoever you’re with.” Budweiser remarked on YouTube, “Welcome back, Buds.”

These pals will be seeing each other again soon, and they can’t wait!