German Shepherd Adopts Baby Goat And Cuddles Her Like Her Own Puppy

Pygmy Baby Goat Adopted By White German Shepherd, Who Cuddles Her Like Her Own Puppy

When Shadow the white German Shepherd sees a “tiny creature,” her heart quickens. Shadow was immediately charmed by the cute little Pygmy goat youngster that her family had adopted. She immediately took up home under the little animal’s wing to claim that she had taken in the little one.

Shadow treats her goat baby as if she were one of her own puppies ! Shadow is sleeping on the carpet with the small animal snuggled up against her warm tummy. While caring for her darling baby, the delighted dog can hardly hold back her grins, making it impossible to control her excitement!

Shadow, overwhelmed by maternal emotions, licks and cleans her “daughter” at predetermined times, wagging her bushy tail like a pleased mom! The newborn goat is at content and safe with her devoted dog mother, and will not leave her “safe haven.” This video gives you a burst of joy!

Because this is a little breed of goat, it’s possible that this small baby will continue to be Shadow’s pint-sized offspring! With her bright eyes and regular grins, it’s evident that this loving canine is relishing her new role as a mother. Shadow, keep up the fantastic job!


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German Shepherd Adopts Baby Goat And Cuddles Her Like Her Own Puppy
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