UPS Driver Adopts Pit Bull After Dog’s Owner Dies

There is an incorrect stereotype that dogs and mail couriers are  enemies. In fact, it is the total opposite. There are several stories of dogs and various mail carriers becoming great friends.

Katie Newhouser, a UPS driver in the Rancho Cucamonga area of Southern California, is a great example. Katie and Leo the Pit Bull had become friends after Katie frequently brought stuff to his apartment. He’d frequently come out to see her, sometimes jumping into Katie’s truck for a welcome.

Katie has uploaded a couple images of Leo and posted them to the UPS Dogs Facebook page, along with the caption, “This is Leo, he would usually start barking as I pulled into the apartment complex.” When I stopped, he would constantly climb into my truck. His owner died, and now Leo lives with me.”

It turns out that their friendship was put to the test last year when Katie returned from vacation to discover that Leo’s owner had died. Katie originally begged her son if he could take Leo, distraught over his uncertain fate. Katie’s son is a Marine and would be unable to take care of Leo. Katie then promised to temporarily foster Leo, but after seeing how well he became close with her other dogs when she took him home, Katie decided that she should adopt him as well.

“As soon as I arrived into the condo complex, Leo would start barking. He was continually jumping into my truck.”

“It was certainly strange for him at first,” Katie told the Pup Journal, “but he has adapted well.” He is now inseparable with his brother Moose, Bailey, his sister. When Leo came into the house, the whole atmosphere
has changed.”

Of course, there was some adaptation time involved. When Katie initially showed Leo his new home, he was a little sad and would whine, but he rapidly grew to enjoy it and the people who lived there.

“He has so much personality, you’d think he’s human!” Katie said. You will never meet a sweeter, more loving dog than him.”

We’re overjoyed that Leo has found someone who genuinely cares about him.

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UPS Driver Adopts Pit Bull After Dog’s Owner Dies
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