An Emotional Goodbye to a Dead Donkey By His Friends

The majority of people believe that animals do not have feelings.

These people, on the other hand, could not be mistaken. Animals, like humans, have emotions and sentiments. They experience happiness, rage, and envy in the same way that we do.

And, as this video demonstrates, they are also aware of grief and pain. When you watch this wonderful video , you’ll be in tears.

In this video there is a herd of donkeys. Their emotions are painful to say the least, as they have just lost one of their own.   Bram the donkey died before his time, and the other donkeys gathered to say their last goodbyes.

The black donkey was Bram’s best friend, according to the video description.
In his anxiety, he stepped over Bram’s neck while trying to lift him.  Bram was bitten in the stomach by the herd’s leader to wake him up.