People Enter the Adoption Lottery for Rescue Puppies And Get Shocked When They See This

Raina was a stray dog who had just given birth to an 11-puppy litter. However, when the heavy┬árains came, she built a tunnel to shelter her children. The pups’ weeping and crying attracted the attention of several neighbors. The Michigan Humane Society was contacted for assistance.

They risked their lives by diving into the muddy hole and rescuing the terrified, shivering, and mud-covered puppies one by one. The rescue action drew a lot of attention, and several families submitted adoption applications. Finally, the shelter picked the adoptive parents and invited them in by lottery to pick their puppies.

Families wait for their pups with anxiously, not knowing who they will get, but they all have a specific dog in mind. Among their favorites are black dogs, “chill” dogs, and friendly ones.

With bated breaths, the families are handed a card with a number on it that determines the process in which they will be able to choose their dog.
This one will take you on an emotional roller coaster as you watch each family’s delight and enthusiasm!