A Heartbroken Cat Has Spent a Year next to the Grave of Her Dead owner

It’s been a year since this cat’s owner died, but the kittie hasn’t left her old lady’s grave since then. Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, from Central Java, Indonesia, was the first person to hear the grieving kitten’s screams and attempted to help her by adopting her. But it didn’t work; the cat was back at her owner’s grave the next day.

She only leaves the area when she travels to her owner’s children’s house, where she is fed. Strangers who see her bring her food and drink, but the cat only wants to roll in the dirt and sleep in the grave every night.

Keli told The Mirror, “She sleeps there and meows.” “It’s heartbreaking to witness. It shows how attached pets are to their owners.”

Experts say that, despite their calm and distant nature, cats do grieve when their owners die. Felines can grow uneasy, disinterested in the outside world, and act strangely. In particularly extreme circumstances, you should consult a veterinarian about acquiring your cat anti-anxiety medicine.