Injured Sea lion Climbs onto Boat and asks Humans for Help

Hugo Zusho and his company recently spent their leisure time aboard his boat off the coast of California in the United States. Suddenly, all of the guys were shocked to see a weird creature swimming towards them.
The group of friends had never expected to come face to face with a beautiful young sea lion. Instead, the animal would prefer to join them on their boat, which is moored in the middle of the sea.

Hugo’s boat was close to the shore when he noticed the little pup swimming towards them. When the small one got close to the yacht, she made a brave attempt to board it.
She attempted to ascend the yacht’s stairwell on her own. Even the guys pushed her to do it. She looked around the boat after the tiny sea lion came aboard.

The small baby sea lion was hungry and appeared to be begging for food. Soon after, the kind guys saw that the small puppy had been injured as well.

Amber, the sea lion, was clever because she had made the right decision  asking for assistance. It was also amazing how the sweet puppy figured out how to use the ladder to get up into the boat.

Amber was transported by the marine patrol team to the Pacific Mammal Center in Laguna Beach to receive the medical attention she required. Months later, she was released back into the water.

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Injured Sea lion Climbs onto Boat and asks Humans for Help
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