The Smiliest Little Dog that Will Brighten Your Day

When he was nine years old, this happy dog became a worldwide sensation.
He became famous only due of his incredible smile.

Tina Marcum Denlinger, the owner of this cute puppy, told The Dodo that he hasn’t had a bad day yet. He appreciates and is fascinated by everything. Walking, eating, and pretty much anything else. When he goes to the mountains, he wears a hat to keep the sun off his face.

Chevy like riding in golf carts. He enjoys seeing the surroundings while staying on them. They also tied a belt around his waist to keep him from falling.

This dog looks best when he smiles, yet he still frowns sometimes. It doesn’t take long for Chevy owners to figure out whether everything is in order. If not, mentioning meals or going for a stroll would suffice. His face then brightens with a smile.

Everyone thinks this dog to be a puppy, according to Tina, because he is so lively. Chevy just starts spinning in a circle when he wants anything, according to his owners.

This beautiful smile simply makes everyone happy.

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The Smiliest Little Dog that Will Brighten Your Day
People merely went by and snapped images of the husky laying at the bus stop for weeks