Dog Walker Takes Amazing Group Photos of His Pack of Dogs Every Day

One of the best aspects of working as a professional dog walker is that you get to interact with a variety of dogs on a daily basis.

It is, however, quite useful to the dogs. They not only get to leave the house while their owners are at work, but they also get to meet and socialize with other dogs.

That’s what one busy dog walker understands, as he walks a large pack of dogs every day… and taking gorgeous images of their group adventures

Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers

It all started when Saratoga Dog Walkers in New York gave the community the chance to walk their dogs in a pack. It quickly became a part of practically every dog’s daily routine in the neighborhood.

The dog walkers began recording their regular walks on Instagram, where the public was attracted by the canines’ lovely group images.

Walking your dog in a pack turns out to be quite beneficial to their health, as it not only provides them with exercise but also allows them to mingle with other dogs, enhancing their feeling of community. The Saratoga Dog Walkers were able to assist the community in transforming their pets into well-behaved, happy, and healthy canines.

Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers

Saratoga Dog Walkers is owned by Tim Pink. He’s been leading the “Mid-day Pack Walk Program” since 2011.

Tim takes the dogs for a stroll every weekday while their owners are at work. This not only gets them out of the home for some exercise and a toilet break, but it also welcomes the dog’s natural tendencies for sociability by walking them in a large group.

“The program works with the dogs’ natural impulses to travel as a pack,” Tim explains. “Unfortunately, most of our canines never have the opportunity to complete this basic ritual.”

Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers

People would get out of their cars and even come out of their homes when they see the bunch of dogs, according to the local newspaper The Daily Gazette.

The group shot that mimics a class photo is generally what they look forward to capturing.

Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers

How were they able to pull these awesome shots off with so much perfection?
The answer to this question is yet unknown. Even though we’re no strangers to dog training, we’re still confused as to how Pink and his team manage to accomplish it so well.

Pink may occasionally join the “groufie” and show the world who is behind the ideal group shot. Who is responsible for the incredible photographs? He’s the one!

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Dog Walker Takes Amazing Group Photos of His Pack of Dogs Every Day
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