A Dog Was Chained to a Tree For Four Years

When it comes to cruelty, there are many people who are quite cruel. The majority of animals suffer as a result of their abuse. Like this unfortunate dog, which was shackled to a heavy chain fastened to a tree for four years. He was one of the long-forgotten chained animals who was about to die.

Though help arrived to save him, the issue of why he had to endure for so long remains unanswered. The poor dog sat next to an empty dish since he had no shelter or bed.

He starved. The doggie weighed 25 pounds at the time of rescue, which was half the weight of a dog his size.

Some animal rights activists were notified, and his story was shared on social media. When the workers at Go Dogs Rescue in Georgia learned of the animal’s circumstances, they stepped in to save him from a life of pain.

Go Dogs Rescue said that the dog’s pictures disturbed them, so they rescued him and named him Hero.

Despite being saved, he still has a long path ahead of him and many obstacles to face. He was taken to a vet and then for the first time in many years, he got to sleep on a lovely fluffy bed.

He also became used to others treating him with respect. He got close to being around humans and gradually developed into a healthy, cheerful, and courageous dog.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are no longer able to care for your pets, you should call your local animal control or rescue organization. Abandoning or dumping an innocent pet is never a wise idea.

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