Couple Visits Shelter and Decides to Adopt all 265 Dogs Because of Their Terrible Living Conditions

There are people whose  mission on this planet is to help stray animals. This is the case with Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg, an Israeli couple who have always had a high love for dogs.

Danielle grew up in Israel and began raising dogs at a young age, frequently adopting from a local shelter. She met Rob in his own nation, and the two decided to go to Canada with their four street dogs.

Their pets inspired the couple to do whatever they could to protect homeless animals. That’s how they came up with the idea for Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, a 50-acre farm in Ontario, Canada’s east-central province. The shelter’s goal is to rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of stray dogs.

In honor of their own pets, the couple comes to Israel on a monthly basis to discover dogs in need and bring them to Canada for a second chance at happiness.

However, during a recent visit, the pair was faced with a difficult choice that resulted in an unbelievable decision! On the official Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook page, the tale was posted.

The couple claims that they explore local shelters and create lists of 10 to 20 dogs to rescue on each trip to Israel. They are always on the search for the most difficult cases, such as old pets, dogs with disabilities, and dogs that have been seeking for a home for years. “It’s difficult to make these lists,” Danielle added, “but it’s typically quite evident which pets need our support the most.”

They were sent to a shelter where we had never gone before earlier this year. Even though she was used to seeing pets in bad shape, she was shocked by the state of the place. According to her, saying the shelter was packed is an understatement. More than 250 canines were squeezed into a space that could only hold 70.

In each cage, there were six dogs fighting for slices of bread, their daily food. “There were rats everywhere, and the dogs, the most of them had been there for years, were afraid.”

For the first time, the couple had no idea which canines were in the most urgent need. As a result, the couple’s only option was to buy the shelter and save all of the dogs that had barely survived there.

“In Israel, 90  have been moved to more suitable shelters in the last two months.” Twenty-five are in Canada. Only 150 dogs are left. He claimed that “we put up a team in Israel to clean the shelter and make the dogs more comfortable until we have room to bring them here.”

Veterinarians will care for the dogs in Israel to treat any urgent health concerns. Every day, the team will work with the dogs to socialize them and re-establish their trust. The dogs will now enjoy a nice existence thanks to the kind couple till they find a home.

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Couple Visits Shelter and Decides to Adopt all 265 Dogs Because of Their Terrible Living Conditions
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