Horse Tears Up When Sees Her Best Friend After 7 Months

Rita the horse and Balu the dog have always had a strong bond. In their ranch, the two were frequently spotted hanging out together. But no one realized how close they were until Rita was forced to leave the ranch.

Rita had gone outdoors one day and was captured and taken by a nearby farmer. Rita’s owners were obliged to sue the farmer because he refused to return her. Rita was ultimately returned to her owners after a seven-month legal battle.

Rita’s emotional return to the ranch is shown in this video. After months of stress, she appears disturbed. Rita rushes over to Balu and sobs with relief  when  she sees him. She cuddles and loves her furry closest friend, holding back tears. Balu, too, is moved to tears as he expresses his love for his horse companion!

Balu and Rita have a unique and priceless friendship that goes beyond species. The affection they have for one other is perfectly shown in this reunion video. Rita and Balu should never have to live apart again, we hope!

Watch Rita and Balu’s tear-jerking reunion after months apart and in the video below!

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Horse Tears Up When Sees Her Best Friend After 7 Months
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