Massive Maine Coon Protects Baby While She Sleeps

This big kitty cat overlooks the baby child she’s sleeping next to. It is luck to have a  such a beautiful cat friend and guardian at such an early age.

Milo is a Maine Coon cat that has become closest friends with Mia, a little baby. They’re cuddled up next to one other, and they couldn’t be happier.

This adorable cat sleeps like a human under the blankets, flat on her back, or directly near the child.

Milo follows the newborn around everywhere, according to the baby’s mother. Wherever baby Mia goes, her faithful feline is never far behind.

It took some time for this young one to warm up to her kitty cat, but now that the introductions are done, their lives have become closely intertwined.

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Massive Maine Coon Protects Baby While She Sleeps
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