Sick Senior Dog Becomes The Fluffiest, Happiest Puppy

It’s heartbreaking to witness older pets being abandoned in city shelters and being unnoticed. People would frequently choose the younger pets and abandon the older and sicker ones to live out their days in a cage. The good news is that there are still people who choose to adopt those dogs, fully aware of the fact that these creatures deserve to live out their lives in a loving environment.

Seeing this elderly dog in a Los Angeles animal shelter will hurt your heart.
This poor and sick elderly dog had been residing in a shelter in Los Angeles for several years when people met him. The fact that he was simply skin and bones, with bald patches of fur on his back and other portions of his body, meant that no one was interested in him.

Everyone assumed he’d spend the rest of his life alone in his shelter cage. No one could have predicted how his life would change after one fatal day.

When this lady first saw the senior dog, she was completely fascinated.

Emma, a rescuer from the Northwest Dog Project, dropped by the shelter one day. It was an overcrowded shelter, but one older dog caught her attention among the chaos. She stated that her heart stopped when she saw the dog, but that it was also at that point that she realized she had to save the canine from that hell.

Emma told  “He was a complete mess.” “But there was something about his eyes.”
Emma completed the necessary paperwork and proceeded to take the dog home with her.

Taking the dog for a trip home went much more smoothly than she had imagined.
The elderly dog was as cute as a button. He would wag his furless tail at Emma when he was called to attention, and he also enjoyed being touched on the head. Emma’s first goal when they arrived home was to get the old dog back in shape, but his lack of appetite was the only thing holding her back. Emma, on the other hand, continued on her mission and fed the dog with a syringe.

It was really helpful as the dog gradually acquired muscle strength.

It was very incredible that the dog managed to stay alive.
He regained his fluffy fur and the glitter in his eyes as a result of love.

The dog’s fur began to regrow a few weeks after the operation. He was also in better shape since he could go for lengthy walks outside with Emma. He was only supposed to survive for three weeks, yet he outgrown everyone’s expectations. The puppy is doing well and enjoying life with Emma after seven months.

Emma’s unconditional love for the senior dog is likely to have helped him in beating the odds and living long enough to enjoy a happy life in a wonderful family. Emma and the Northwest Dog Project are to be congratulated for giving hope to this gorgeous canine.

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Sick Senior Dog Becomes The Fluffiest, Happiest Puppy
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