This Loyal Puppy Jumped Into The Hearse Wanting to Accompany Her Owner to Her Last Resting Place

Animals are far more emotionally intelligent than people believe. They’ve developed a strong attachment with their owners and can’t imagine life without them.

For them, the loss of the owner may be traumatic. It is stated that dogs are aware of the death of their loved ones and can even grieve for them.

Following the loss of his master, a little dog named Bumer felt the same way. His owner, Maria Isabel Benites Chamba, a 95-year-old Ecuadorian woman, died, and her funeral was held at Funeraria Santa Rosa, where her relatives and friends were present.

Bumer is now in the care of Maria’s family, and it looks that the dog will make a visit to the grave of an old friend.

Actually, the story is rather touching. It’s a bittersweet reminder of how much the lost person was loved and how much┬áPets are incredibly loyal and devoted.