A Stray Dog Gets an Enchanted New Beginning After Constantly Sneaking into Stores to Steal a Unicorn Toy

The lives of stray dogs are difficult, and they seek safety and security in a variety of ways, including a warm place to sleep, food scraps, and human interaction. But one canine received help in a one-of-a-kind creature: a unicorn, or, to be more precise, a stolen unicorn.

After a homeless dog refused to leave a Dollar General shop in North Carolina, animal control officers were called. Every time someone came out of the store, the puppy, a Labrador mix, would rush in and make a beeline for the toy department. He’d grab a bright purple unicorn toy and run once he arrived.

Joe Newburn, a supervisor at Duplin County Animal Services, told People, “He went right for the unicorn, the same one every time.” “The only thing we can think of is that he came from a family where he or other children had a comparable teddy animal.”

Samantha Lane, the officer who answered the phone, thankfully caved in to the dog and got him a $10 unicorn. After he acquired his toy, he joyfully went with her.

The crew called him Sisu after the dragon in Disney’s new film, Raya and the Last Dragon, and posted on the agency’s Facebook page after he arrived at the shelter.

“This is what happens when you repeatedly break into the Dollar General to steal the purple unicorn you claimed, but then get animal control called to lock you up for your B & E and larceny, but the officer purchases your item for you and brings it in with you,” the team wrote, along with information on how to adopt him.

Sisu, as you could expect, received a lot of attention once the post was published. There were around 22,000 shares in total.

“It’s so sweet. It’s amazing. I mean, he’s obviously super smart, and even when we got him to the animal shelter, he’s been very obedient. He sits, shakes. Someone should be looking for him,” Newburn told the outlet. “I don’t know of any other reason why he would focus on the unicorn other than he had one at home. If the store had called and said he tore open dog food, that would make more sense but not hunting for a purple unicorn.”

Sisu was adopted after being saved. Dollar General manager Crystal Luce told People that the firm wants to send “a couple additional purple unicorns for the adoptive family” after he arrives at his new home.

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A Stray Dog Gets an Enchanted New Beginning After Constantly Sneaking into Stores to Steal a Unicorn Toy
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