Veterinarian Crawls into The Cage and Sleeps with the Dog that was Burned in The House Fire Until He Feels Better

Taka, a Shiba Inu puppy, came extremely close to dying in a fire. When his house started to burn down last week, the eight-year-old dog was inside the porch. His owners were gone at the time, and when they learned of the fire, they couldn’t get to him in time.

Taka, fortunately, was able to escape the porch on his own and began looking for assistance on the street. A neighbor discovered him and brought him to Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

Taka’s pain shocked the veterinarian. His eyes, lips, ears, and tummy were all injured. The dog was wailing in pain and fear. Taka’s case was taken over by veterinarian Emily Martin, who gave the following information:

“He had burns all over his face, jaws, ears, and tummy. At first, we weren’t sure how serious his injuries were because inhalation burns were a worry.”

Taka’s eyes were unfortunately damaged in the fire and had to be removed. After the dog showed some respiratory difficulties, the vet’s team referred him to the University of Georgia clinic a few days later. He was placed on an oxygen machine there for many days before being returned to Care More Animal Hospital.

Everyone was trying to save Taka, but Martin seemed to have a special affection for the dog.

“I try to treat my patients all the same, but his case pulled at my heartstrings a bit more,” Martin recalled. “When he came in, he was screaming from pain … but he calmed down the moment I sat with him and started singing to him.”

Martin called Taka’s family when he returned to the vet, and they opted to transfer him to Martin’s care due to his health. That’s when Martin began to grow into more than Taka’s veterinarian. She was his mom. During working hours, she quickly developed attached to the dog. She decided to take him home even after the vet had to close for the night.

“He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Martin said when asked why she adored the dog so much. When animals are in pain, they frequently bite to ease the discomfort, but he has never attempted to bite.

Taka is quickly healing, and his personality is beginning to emerge. He enjoys cuddling and belly rubs. He is an enthusiastic gourmet. Every day when Taka goes to work, Martin is overjoyed to see her. In the long term, she believes he should find a new family that can offer him with individualized care.

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Veterinarian Crawls into The Cage and Sleeps with the Dog that was Burned in The House Fire Until He Feels Better
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