“A Fight He Could Not Finish”! Tiny Chihuahua Was Attacked by a “Wolf”

It’s no surprise that Brandi Glanville of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills owns the stereotypical little dog. Buddy the Chihuahua is frequently seen beneath Glanville’s arm.

Buddy was attacked by a larger pair of jaws on one of those rare off-days. Buddy recently got into a fight with a wolf, according to an Instagram picture from Glanville.

It’s unclear how Buddy came upon a wolf, according to Glanville’s February 18th, 2022 statement. Coyotes are the most common wildlife danger to domestic dogs in Los Angeles, however mountain lions also live there.

Based on the information she supplied, I believe “wolf” refers to a much larger dog, and that her dog was involved in a dog park brawl. In any case, it’s evident that the poor dog was injured.

Buddy, as shown in the photo, had a serious damage to his left eye.
“My gangster pup started a fight he could not finish with a wolf. He is ok Thank God!!!”

Tamra Judge of the Real Housewives of Orange County, among others, expressed her sympathy, writing:

“Omg that looks like it hurt. Poor lil guy.”

Buddy the Chihuahua is undoubtedly well-known among “housewife” fans. Glanville was adopted from an animal shelter some years ago by his family.

Buddy seems tough enough to get through this scary experience.

That’s a lot of drama, even for a reality star.

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“A Fight He Could Not Finish”! Tiny Chihuahua Was Attacked by a “Wolf”
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