Golden Retriever is Super Excited to Meet Tiny Rescue Puppy

Teddy Sugar, the new puppy, was brought home by its parents, who made sure to record Pork and Teddy Sugar’s first meeting. Teddy Sugar, who is little but not scared of him, moves in closer to have a few more sniffs, while Pork does the same.

Pork goes full play mode right away, pouncing all over the place. He seemed to be overjoyed with the prospect of a new little sister. Teddy Sister jumps right in and starts licking, licking, and climbing all on Pork. The two of them are so exhausted by the conclusion of their first meeting that they fall asleep next to each other for a break.

It’s evident that these two will be the best of friends, or BFFs, as we like to call them.
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