Video! A Dog Blocked The Traffic! Here is The Reason!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was the setting for the story. When a woman was walking her dog through the city streets, she had a seizure and fell to the ground.

Surveillance cameras on the city’s streets saw the Mare shepherd dog type checking on its owner’s health before attempting to get people’s attention to help her.

Clover the dog went above  to save her owner’s life. Haley Moore was out walking her Samoyed when she had a seizure. Clover is seen in panic on surveillance video from across the street, attempting to rouse Haley who is motionless on the ground. Then something extraordinary happens: a car speeds by, seemingly giving Clover an idea. She dashes into the center of the road, and sure enough, an approaching vehicle comes to a complete stop. The driver exits the vehicle and rushes over to assist.