When a Golden Dog Saw His Owner after a Five-year Separation, He Started Crying

A recent story published on Sohu, China, has dried many people’s tears. The man was lucky to get recruited by a foreign firm with an excellent pay when he was barely out of high school. He rented a property and adopted a golden retriever with his own money.

When the Golden Dog arrived at his new home, he was only a few months old, but he was already very smart, and the owner only had to train him a few times before he could learn on his own. As a result, the man forms a close bond with the tiny puppy. However, he loves it even more since the dog is so nice and seems to understand what he’s saying.

Every night when he returns home from work, the small puppy meets him as soon as he opens the front door. When he’s upset, the Golden Retriever transforms into a “friend” with whom he may share his feelings and a source of little spiritual comfort. I’m not sure the dog understood what he said, but he always sat patiently to listen to his feelings.

“Storms” hit after three years of tranquillity.His employer is extremely cold, and his loved ones require significant amounts of money. “Good days are extremely short and not unpleasant” if life continued on like this forever. When the money he had saved was spent on treating his loved ones, his hopes to marry the girl he had loved for many years were also crushed. A brief message was the trigger for both events.

Unexpected winds and waves blew into his home, leading him to become depressed. He couldn’t get up since he was stunned by the love story. He was devoid of all motivation.

He couldn’t afford to rent a complete house and stay in the city because he was unemployed.

He had no choice but to go to another city and eventually share a room with a buddy. He is no longer qualified to care for the Golden dog in the same manner as previously as a result of the sharing. Despite his protests, he ultimately gave the dog to a friend. The man had no choice but to give the Golden dog away since he couldn’t afford to keep him because he couldn’t afford to care for him.

His Golden retriever stopped eating for many days after moving into a new residence, according to a friend of his. At the time, his friend attempted to reach him but was unable. Fortunately, three months after the move, the Golden dog began to adjust and eat again.

He began to feel more settled in his life after 5 years of hard effort. He paid a visit this year during the Tet vacation to see how his friend’s pet Golden Retriever was doing.

The dog’s behavior has surprised the owner.

The Golden Dog did not bark when he saw the guy, but instead approached him carefully. As he wrapped his arms around his legs and began to cheer and scream endlessly, the dog appeared to have realized that the former owner had raised him.

The Golden Dog’s reaction affected everyone in the room, but the person remained mute in sorrow. He felt horrible for abandoning and neglecting the dog years before.

No matter how much their lives change with a new owner and how much better it becomes, no matter how long they are separated, dogs always recall their previous owners who used to show them so much attention.

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When a Golden Dog Saw His Owner after a Five-year Separation, He Started Crying
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