Family’s Beloved Dog, Who Helped Them Cope with Their Father’s Terminal Cancer, Is Now Missing

A family is dealing with a tragedy just two months after losing their dad to terminal disease. Ruby, their 9-year-old German Shepherd Dog, went stolen on February 17, 2022.

Ruby, a rescue dog, helped their family get through one of their most difficult times. It’s sad to lose her in this way, so soon after saying their final goodbyes to their husband and father.

But Ruby’s family,  hasn’t lost any hope. They’ve appealed to volunteer groups and the general public for help in discovering this valued family member.

Ruby was adopted by her family “through a series of serendipities” eight years ago. For years, the gentle dog was a source of comfort and companionship for the entire family.

Ruby’s mother stated in a statement about her puppy and the influence she’s made on the family:
“Getting her was a bright spot during a difficult time as we had just learned my husband Mark’s cancer had returned widely metastasized and incurable. Ruby had previously suffered severe separation anxiety so it suited her that we were home a lot and she could always be with us. She immediately became a beloved member of our pack.”

Ruby’s presence comforted Mark’s wife and children in dealing with his deteriorating condition, and she continued to love and support them after he died.

“As Mark’s health faltered she stayed by my side. After he died she started sleeping in his spot on our bed, filling that terrible emptiness. And on the darkest days of navigating life without him it was her gentle nudge that got me up.”

Ruby’s family insists she’s not normally one to run off. They called her decision to chase something out of her yard “uncharacteristic.”

“In all our years together she has never run off. She is very attached to me.”

Ruby disappeared from Oak Grove, Minnesota, but her family and volunteers suspect she may have made it father away at this time. She is microchipped, but it’s possible she’s been picked up or transported somewhere.

The Retrievers, an all-volunteer team that helps rescues and individual owners find their lost dogs, has been working with Ruby’s family to help bring her home. You can get tracking updates by commenting on their Facebook post.

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Family’s Beloved Dog, Who Helped Them Cope with Their Father’s Terminal Cancer, Is Now Missing
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