German Shepard Was Bitten Three times by Deadly Rattlesnake While Protecting Seven-year-old Girl

Every day we observe situations which show that dogs are true angels.
A family named their German Shepherd Haus after rescuing him, but they had no idea how he would reward their goodness.
By defending their seven-year-old daughter Molly from a rattlesnake, Haus, the hero, saved her life.

Molly and Haus were in their screened-in yard, playing poolside, when her grandma noticed the 68-pound dog leaping about furiously and snapping his teeth.

When she went outside to check on them, she saw they were being attacked by a snake.

This wasn’t just any snake, either. The snake was an eastern diamondback rattlesnake, which is the most poisonous snake in North America.

Molly’s grandma was terrified and in a state of panic when she saw Haus do the unimaginable. Between Molly and the snake, the protective pup kept his ground.

He put his life on the line to rescue Molly’s, and although the snake bit him multiple times, he sheltered Molly and kept her safe.

The attack did not result in any harm to her. Make sure you see this heartbreaking story and give your pet a big cuddle.

This video demonstrates how great dogs can be when they are treated with love.