Couple On Vacation Has given Up Their Adventure To Save Little Puppies

In recent years, Belen and Tristan have been cycling throughout the world, taking in the overwhelming beauty of nature in some of the world’s most unique locations.

The pair was especially delighted to cycle the Pamir highway, a stunning length of road that snakes its way through the Central Asian highlands, on a vacation to Tajikistan.

Tristan discovered two little puppies curled up by the side of the road as they descended from the mountain plateau, only a few days from the city of Dushanbe, leading a spontaneous rescue mission for the pair.

Rather of continuing on their journey, the pair was able to flag down a truck and get a ride into town. It was a long and exhausting drive, as the roads were exceedingly rough and the cabin was super hot.

They were relieved when they arrived in Dushanbe, knowing that they would be able to provide the puppies with the care and attention they need.

The couple’s best choice was to find a way to return to their home Netherlands as soon as possible, where they could be confident that the dogs would have a great chance of surviving. Tristan had the idea to create an Instagram fundraiser to see if anyone could help them with the cost of their flights because they were short on cash.

One of his followers provided 1000 Euros almost immediately to help them pay for their tickets, and the couple began preparing the pups for their adventure to Europe.

The couple was permitted to carry the dogs on the trip as cabin luggage due to their small size, and they were able to return to the Netherlands in a matter of days. They named the puppies Moka and Latte, and their distinct personalities began to emerge.

And it wasn’t long until Moka and Latte found their forever homes in the Hague, one with Tristan’s mother and the other with a loving family. This story only goes to demonstrate that you can always save an animal no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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Couple On Vacation Has given Up Their Adventure To Save Little Puppies
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