A Golden Retriever’s Memorial To A Dying Best Friend Will Make You Cry

Death is a terrible situation for anybody to deal with, but dogs sometimes have it even worse. Because they don’t know where their loved ones have gone, they may show mental instability. As a result, finding ways to comfort them through their sorrow is important.

Watson and Kiko, two Golden Retrievers, were together for many years. Watson, despite his youth, was always on the watch for Kiko and would give him hugs to cheer him up. Watson is heartbroken now that Kiko has died. As a homage to Watson, his master released a heartbreaking video of the late dog.

Jennifer Medrano adopted Watson as her emotional support dog in 2015. The puppy was always trying to comfort his human and was full of love. She adopted Kiko, who had a troubled history, not long after. Watson began showering Kiko with attention almost immediately.

Watson and Kiko’s extraordinary friendship quickly became well-known on social media. Watson’s arms were frequently around Kiko as the two Golden Retrievers stayed as close to one other as possible. They ended up supporting each other emotionally more than anybody else.

Kiko, became severely sick in his later years. He had cancer, which required the amputation of his front limb. He won his battle, but he later acquired a different type of cancer that had nothing to do with the first. So, at the age of 10 1/2, he said his final goodbyes to his beloved family.

“On February 1, 2022, at 3:37 p.m., Kiko took his final breath.His brave tiny heart stopped beating all of a sudden. He passed away gently, surrounded by affection. Medrano stated on his Instagram page, “I hugged his paw really close and thanked him for all his affection.”

Medrano has shared a number of memories of Kiko since his passing. Many of his followers were deeply touched by one specific tribute. Watson cuddling Kiko was shown in multiple scenes in a TikTok video. Then, in the final scene, Watson is seen embracing a jar with a portrait of Kiko on it. Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” is playing in the background of the video.

In the TikTok comments, Medrano said, “I’ve observed a major shift in [Watson].” “But it’s getting better every day.” With time, his heart will heal.”

Watson definitely misses Kiko.  Watson is heartbroken that he can no longer hug his sibling after many years of being together. Luckily, he has a large family to comfort him during this difficult time, including his human parents, dog, cat, and hedgehog siblings.

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A Golden Retriever’s Memorial To A Dying Best Friend Will Make You Cry
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