Woman Chose Her 16 Dogs Over Her Husband! Click to Learn about Her Story

Making people choose between you and their beloved canine friends is a bad idea.

Is it really so strange that humans choose to love animals unconditionally?
Liz Haslam and her husband Mike met when she was 16 and married shortly after she graduated from high school.

They resided in a two-bedroom house close to a vast rural garden in the English countryside (in Barnham, Suffolk). The couple had a kid named Ollie and had been married for 17 years.

Haslam had been saving bull terriers in need years before they separated up. Things became too much for her husband after she had taken in 16 dogs .

However, marriage is far more complicated than that; who’s to say the outcome would have been the same if there had just been one dog?

Mike should not have been surprised that dogs would have a role in their relationship. Haslam’s mother was a West Highland Terrier breeder, and her father had an animal feed company. So it’s logical that she found it in her heart to create Beds for Bullies, a rescue organization for bull terriers.

Mike’s wife, on the other hand, selected the dogs over him when he offered her an ultimatum of “me or the dogs.”

Haslam founded Beds for Bullies in 2012, according to the organization’s website. “Helping to rescue and rehome bull breeds, notably English Bull Terriers, many of whom have been used as hunting dogs,” it says.

To help support the rescue, she also manages a boarding kennel called Can I Wag Your Tail. She fosters and re-homes dogs ranging from the unwanted to those that have been horribly mistreated.

Some, though, are long-term residents.

“Liz devotes her life to assisting animals and collaborates with police forces and animal rescue organizations. She also provides fostering services and looks after 16 bull terriers who are unable to find new homes. Dotty and Etta, for example, were both severely injured . The Beds for Bullies website states, “Liz nursed them back to health, and they remain healthy and happy in her care.”

In a 2018 interview with the UK chat show This Morning, Haslam explained how she got divorced: “Basically, my husband was a hard worker, so I decided not to become a work widow and devoted myself to caring for my pets.”

While an ultimatum appears to have been sent, it is far less spectacular than most reports would have you believe.

Haslam added, “We kind of grew apart so it was a mutual agreement.” The effort being done to help these canines is more important than whatever transpired between the couple. You may also become involved in a variety of ways.

Scroll down for an interview with Liz Haslam, who describes how she came to place her dogs at the center of her life in her own words.

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Woman Chose Her 16 Dogs Over Her Husband! Click to Learn about Her Story
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