Photographer Captured “Dancing” Antelope When He Was in Kenya

If Ola Jordan wants to return to Strictly Come Dancing after being kicked out in week one, here’s the perfect dance partner for her: an antelope ready to foxtrot.

Steve Catt was on safari in Kenya when he took these incredible photos of the antelope demonstrating his dance techniques.

He couldn’t believe his good fortune when he saw the normally modest animal up on its hind legs performing for the camera. Steve from Surrey remarked, “He was staring straight at me.” “I was more surprised because he looked to be entertaining.”

Steve had the idea while on a shooting expedition in Northern Kenya’s Samburu-Buffalo Springs National Reserve. Steve couldn’t believe it when he started flaunting his antelope, the gerenuk, which is known for being timid.

“The antelope was merely browsing on a shrub until it sprang up on its hind legs to browse higher up the plant,” said photographer Steve.

“The gerenuk remained in that position for almost two minutes, and I was able to take pictures it before it went on.”

This antelope was standing straight in the jungle when Steve came upon it. Antelope are known for standing on their back legs while eating the bushes, but he has never seen one do so.

Despite the amazing shot, Steve, a perfectionist, was unsatisfied.

“I liked the shot, except a few small branches in the way. But seldom is everything perfect when it comes to wildlife photography.”

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Photographer Captured “Dancing” Antelope When He Was in Kenya
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