Rescue Pit Bul Screams Like A Person When He’s Overjoyed

Kristin walked over to help a thirsty, slightly befuddled Pitbull that was walking alone in the unbearable heat of Phoenix, Arizona.

After failing to find the dog’s owners, she decided to bring him home for food and water, as well as to clean him up because he was dirty.

She allowed dog to spend the night with her, and he quickly became a part of the family! Kristin was already falling in love with him as he cuddled  her while she slept. She chose the name Mo for the dog.

Kristin did the appropriate thing and returned to the place where she picked up Mo and attempted to identify his owners before she could decide to keep Mo all to herself. After all, if someone was on the lookout for him, they’d be scared sick by now.

She decided to take Mo to the local shelter after walking around for a time. Mo let up a high-pitched scream unlike anything she had ever heard before as Kristin was talking to a staff member!

Kristin was heartbroken to leave Mo at the shelter, but she had no choice but to put him on’stray hold’ for three days in case his previous owners were seeking for him and came to the shelter to inquire about him. She even placed ‘found’ fliers all over social media in the hopes that Mo’s owners would see that he had been recovered.

The three days flew by, and no one showed up seeking for Mo. Kristin realized she had no choice but to adopt Mo and provide him with a loving home. That’s just what she did.

Kristin invested a lot of time and effort to training Mo and making her little apartment as comfortable as possible for the large Pitbull! After then, there came the screaming.

When Mo became excited, he would give out a human-sounding scream, which made Kristin laugh the first few times she heard it. Although Kristin was concerned that Mo’s screaming was due to worry or possibly aggression, it became evident very quickly that it was simply enthusiasm, and it’s one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen!

Mo helped Kristin when she was laid off and suffering financial difficulties. Kristin was inspired to get the profession she’d always wanted because of his friendship and the fun times they had together.

They now spend most of their spare time to advocating for Pitbull-type dogs, who are frequently misunderstood and left for a variety of reasons. There’s no denying that they were a match made in heaven!

Enjoy their video below!

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Rescue Pit Bul Screams Like A Person When He’s Overjoyed
His dog had just a few days to live, so here is what his owner decided to do