A 7-year-old Boy Has Been Named Kid of The Year For Saving Over 13,000 Dogs

Being nice is a skill that can be learned at any age. At any age, you can be nice and helpful. All it takes is your love and compassion. It is important to have the desire to serve people.

This is the story of a good-hearted young guy who saved many pets. Roman McConn is the boy’s name, and he is just 7 years old, yet he has saved almost 13,000 dogs. He has been awarded the ASPCA Kid of the Year Award as a reward of his actions. He began saving dogs when he was four years old.

He thinks he wanted his dogs to go to the greatest homes possible. He also encourages others, including children, to do the same. He found a nonprofit called Project Freedom Ride for animal rescue, which tries to rescue dogs from Texas animal shelters and assist them find forever homes.

He even came to New York to give a lecture on what his organization seeks to do for animals and what motivates him to do so.

He is also one of the world’s youngest philanthropists. On his fourth birthday, he asked his friends and parents to give money to his organization instead of buying him gifts and toys.

The relocation of 31 dogs from Texas to Washington is their largest rescue effort to yet. Jennifer McConn, his mother, continually urged him to rescue additional pets.

His adoption success started when his mother started uploading his videos on Facebook. People start to like his videos, and a large number of people came forward to support the cause. It’s encouraging to know that young people like him are aware of their responsibilities and are doing an excellent job of completing them.

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A 7-year-old Boy Has Been Named Kid of The Year For Saving Over 13,000 Dogs
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