Cheetah Cubs Get Companion Dog in Nursery

When he became a single father to five orphaned cheetah cubs, this Australian Shepherd demonstrated to the world that impossible is nothing for a dog. The baby ‘s mother passed away soon after giving birth, and their chances of survival were minimal. They all received a second chance because to Blakely, a really compassionate puppy!

The five babies – three boys and two females – were born in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Cheetah Breeding Facility, where their mother, Willow, was a regular visitor. Unfortunately, the 5-year-old girl left a few weeks after giving birth due to an unexpected.

The crew did all they could to save the cubs, but it was clear that it would be impossible. The cubs must stay near to their mothers throughout their first few weeks of life. However, they took the cubs to the nursery, where they were given the greatest medical care and were constantly bottle fed. The employees’ primary concern, though, was maintaining their body temperature. They merely needed their mother’s warmth to survive. That’s when Blakely entered the room!

Blakely, who has been a resident of the institution since he was rescued at the age of seven months from a local shelter, is more comparable to a therapy dog. This was not the Australian Shepherd’s first time in a similar situation. He was used as a support dog for another cheetah who had lost her young after comforting a calf. As a result, the first time he encountered the cubs, he and they developed an immediate bond. Blakely gives them the comfort of a mother, and the children appear to love cuddling and climbing on him. Blakely only sees them twice a day, despite the fact that they get along so well. The remainder of the time, the staff makes sure they are fed and sleep comfortably.

In any event, the devoted canine companion will remain by their side for a long time. “Blakely’s role in the cubs’ development will shift from climbable companion to teacher and role model as they grow older,” said Dawn Strasser, the zoo’s lead nursery keeper.

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