German Shepherd Saved a Little Boy From The Storm

This is one incredible German Shepherd from Australia.
His name is Dasher.   He became a hero when he was very little, at the age of seven months.

Dasher spent nearly 14 hours in the woods during the storm for only one purpose.

That German Shepherd guarded his owners’ baby.
Dasher, a German shepherd, was the only one who figured out why Dante Berry, who was two at the time, left the family.

Little Dante was all over the place, wandering aimlessly, but he was always accompanied by his faithful companion.

They were later found 3 miles from home, wandering in the woods. It took a long time for Dante’s parents to detect that he had disappeared.

When they realized he wasn’t there, they phoned the police and searched the area for him, but a storm blew in that night.
The traffic on the roadways came to a halt, and everything came to a standstill. As a result, the search was put off until a nice day. Dante and Dasher were discovered in the woods the next morning, 15 hours after they realized they were missing a kid.

There were no injuries on the little but joyful boy. Dasher is attributed with this; he assisted the little kid in surviving the storm and rescuing him from all possible dangers.

We can see the mother and son reunited in the shot.

Dasher, their German Shepherd, was not surprising to Dante’s mother because he had always been like way. He was, and he still is. A devoted defender.

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German Shepherd Saved a Little Boy From The Storm
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