Poodle Was Alone At Home When The Fire Started

Leaving your pet at home is one of the saddest and most unavoidable experiences a pet owner can have. It’s inescapable, particularly for those who need to work outside the house. Fortunately, they’re more intelligent than we can thank them.

When you start to think about the awful things that may happen to them while you are away, that lonely sensation can easily be replaced with fear.

What if the dog gets away from home? What if it goes somewhere they’re not supposed to be in the house? What happens if your dog chews on any electrical wiring?

These are just a couple of the numerous possibilities.

Fear, on the other hand, takes priority in this story since the dog is stuck inside a burning house. Fortunately, she made it out safely.

She isn’t your typical dog, as it turns out!

Prada is a one-year-old poodle from Orlando, Florida.
It all happened one day when the couple was at work and the cute puppy was left at home alone.

The dog then felt nervous and began sending motion alarm signals to her owners via the Ring doorbell at their house.

Her owners were surprised to hear her barking in the kitchen.

“We received a motion alert. She was barking in the kitchen when we spotted the camera. Nestor Gonzalez, a resident in Orlando, told Click Orlando, “She never does it.”
Gonzales kept an eye on his phone for any additional security system warnings that could arrive. He then received another motion warning on his phone 30 minutes later.

Things became evident once he rapidly reviewed the footage from the camera.

Their kitchen was burning!

“Everything was smokey, and it was hazy inside, so we couldn’t see anything,” Americo Ledezma, the homeowner, explained.
Gonzales and Ledezma dashed home, praying that their beloved Prada was safe and well. Their first priority was to make sure she was okay.

“All we could think about was Prada, and we hoped she was all right.” You can always replace material things. “However, her life is irreplaceable,” Gonzalez explained.
Prada, thankfully, was not in any danger.

The heroic firemen of Orange County Fire Rescue were fast to respond.

Although the fire was not yet large, the smoke threatened to choke her.
As soon as the firemen came on the scene, they rescued Prada and took her out of the house.

Her white fur had gone grey due to the soot, but she was unharmed.
That is the most important thing to her owners. Prada was praised by the fire rescue squad for being calm and collected under stress.

The true cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Despite the fact that the total damage to the property is in the thousands of dollars, Nestor and Americo are just relieved that their beloved Prada was spared.

The fire could have been much worse if it hadn’t been for her animal instincts.

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Poodle Was Alone At Home When The Fire Started
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