Doberman Adopted a Kitten And Became a Foster Mother For Him

Diana heard a sad meow not far from her home. She discovered a little cat in the bushes. The baby was wrapped in a warm scarf and taken home by the girl.

At home, the mistress and a ball of fur wailing in her arms were greeted by Doberman Ruby, a faithful and gorgeous dog that never fails to pleasure people who come into contact with him.

Ruby just became the proud mother of lovely puppies, and she performed well in her role. The dog’s owner hoped that she would treat the little kitten with the same affection and care that she had shown the dog. The Doberman not only accepted the kitten, but also became a true mother to it, beyond even the girl’s highest aspirations.

The dog took the youngster under its wing, licked and warmed him, barely noticing the cub’s mournful squeak. Ruby didn’t let the cat go any further after that. As soon as the baby began exploring his new home, his mother arrived to ensure that the cat was not in danger.

The child was grateful for the attention and considers Ruby to be its biological mother.

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Doberman Adopted a Kitten And Became a Foster Mother For Him
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