Meet Dogs Who Like To Hug Everyone They See

Frequently, when children grow up living on the same street as one another, they become friends and visit each other’s houses for playdates.

They usually have a close relationship because they’re associates and see each other frequently. This isn’t just the true for human children; it’s also the case for those furry creatures.

Cooper, a Havanese, and Simba, a little Goldendoodle, are the best of friends. Simba is owned by Roberto Couto of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, who told Newsweek that Simba and Cooper go on walks with their respective families’ children.

They’ve become close, and while they’re away, Simba sneaks outside to visit Cooper on occasion. The adorable pair has been best friends since they were puppies, when they were both given to their respective families at the same time.

They are always overjoyed to look into each other’s eyes and welcome each other in the kindest possible way. Couto took a snapshot of the happy couple holding each other at one of their encounters.

They’re all standing on their hind legs, their front paws wrapped around each other in the most human-like pose. Couto shared the touching image graph on the Facebook group “Dogspotting Society,” where it instantly gained more than 11,000 likes. It became additionally shared on Twitter, where it received more than 300,000 likes.

This isn’t going to be a one-time occurrence any more. Almost every time they see one other, the high-quality bushy friends greet each other with the same warm hug. They enjoy seeing each other and consider themselves lucky to be so close.

Now that’s what friendship is all about! We should wish that neither in their family’s ever determined to move!

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Meet Dogs Who Like To Hug Everyone They See
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