Lost Dog Who Was Stuck In a Hole, Was Rescued By Another Dog

Dogs are truly amazing: they are the best personal companions, the most cherished family members, and they perform a variety of essential requirements. Some dogs are true heroes, with amazing stories to share about.

Coming to the rescue is something that dogs have become well-known for. Pawe Kauziak went on a walk with his dog Gucio in February.

That doesn’t sound particularly unusual, and the pair were no strangers to casual strolls. They chose a route along a woodland trail near their house in Poland on this particular day, which Gucio is familiar with.

Because Pawe knew Gucio was familiar with the area, he was off leash and doing his dog thing when something unexpected happened…

Gucio, according to Kauziak, never wanders far from his home and is always fast to return. Gucio vanished on this day and did not return.

Kauziak became concerned after only a few minutes that his dog had not returned.

“Whenever I call him, he always returns,” Kauziak told The Dodo. “However, Gucio did not respond when I called his name.”

Kauziak spent the entire afternoon looking for his beloved Gucio, but he couldn’t find him.

Gucio had vanished without a trace. Kauziak had no way of knowing where his dog was, but he looked for him every day and asked others in his community to do the same!
“I never gave up hope of finding Gucio,” Kauziak stated. “However, it had been such a long time since I had seen him.”

Gucio had been missing for a month when another man was out walking his Jack Russell terrier Diego in the same location.
Diego’s interest was piqued, and he began yanking on his leash repeatedly, eventually bringing his owner to a deep hole in the landscape!

Gucio was trapped deep inside the hole, unable to bark and hungry. Diego had practically found Gucio just in time.

Diego’s owner dashed home, got a rope, and carefully lowered Gucio out of the hole and to safety. Gucio was weak, but he was still alive.
Despite his malnourishment, his wife recognized Gucio as the beloved dog Kauziak had been seeking for for the past month, and she immediately contacted him!

“I didn’t believe it at first,” Kauziak admitted. “I started shaking when I went to their house and saw Gucio.” I knelt beside him and hugged him. It was the most wonderful day of my life.”

“I really missed him,” Kauziak remarked. “It was the same as if a family member had gone missing.”

Gucio was trapped in the hole for 32 days, most likely surviving on melting snow.

Gucio was thankfully saved just in time, and every day at home with his beloved dog dad was spent rebuilding strength and weight.
Surprisingly, Gucio hasn’t forgotten about Diego, his hero!

To celebrate their progress, the two dogs got to have a play date.

While Kauziak thought on the truth that this happy time was only possible because of Diego, the hero Diego and the adored Gucio played.
“They were having a good time together,” Kauziak said. “I’m a happy man again now that Gucio is back home.”

Gucio is one lucky pup!

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Lost Dog Who Was Stuck In a Hole, Was Rescued By Another Dog
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