The Female Orangutan Who Lost Her Baby Recently, Was Watching Woman Feeding Her Baby

The Copelands enjoyed going on vacations. They continued to pursue their interest even after the birth of their child. This time it was Austria’s turn.

They went to one of the old zoos in the area. The newborn baby, on the other hand, needed to eat in the middle of their visit. As a result, Gemma, the mother, discovered a comfortable area to nurse. It was right across from the orangutan enclosure. One of the orangutans was quite curious about what was going on behind the enclosure. Her eyes were sad and kind as she approached. She longed to stroke the infant and placed her hand on the glass.

The couple was intrigued and learned more about this beautiful orangutan. She had recently lost her kid, and seeing such a mother attitude, she couldn’t help but approach and convey her loving attitude. The baby’s father captured this beautiful moment on camera, and the story quickly went viral.