This Little Boy Has Been Connected to His Foster Dog So Much That He Has Written a Letter To His New Family

Fostering a dog is a wonderful thing to do. It provides a safe haven for homeless dogs away from the shelter. As they search for a forever home, they get a lot of affection and socialization in the foster care system. Though it is a wonderful experience, the parents find it difficult to say goodbye to the foster dog.

They became connected to the dog, but all they want is for him to go to a good home. A similar incident occurred with one foster household, when a little child became so close to the puppy that he sent a nice message to the dog’s new family praising the dog as the finest dog ever.

Maggie is a pit bull mix that was rescued by North Shore Animal League America, a non-profit rescue organization based in Port Washington, New York. Because it was found wandering and was too young to be adopted, the organization chose to place it in a foster home.

The Duncan family in Louisiana quickly became the dog’s ideal foster home. Roman, their six-year-old son, was enamored with the dog. The family understood that the dog would not be with them permanently, so they told their son, Roman, that Maggie would not be staying with them indefinitely and that the puppy would be adopted.

During the holidays, the youngster also built a deep relationship with Maggie. He got to know the puppy and discovered how much it enjoyed snuggling and fetch. Maggie was returned to the North Shore Animal League when the time came to say her goodbyes.

Roman knew Maggie would be heading to a new permanent home, so he wanted to make sure she was a special dog. As she arrived in New York, NSALA learned that Roman had given Maggie’s new family several extremely sweet handwritten letters and drawings.

Maggie is characterized as the “greatest dog you could possibly ask for” in the letters. He even went on to say that the dog is toilet trained, likes other dogs, and is good with children. Maggie enjoys cuddling and fetch, but most of all, she enjoys being loved, according to him. Roman also drew a picture of the dog.

When the North Shore Animal League’s management discovered the messages, they were both startled and moved. They went on to say that the puppy’s new family should connect with Roman so that they may stay in contact. It’s wonderful to know how much Roman loves Maggie.

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This Little Boy Has Been Connected to His Foster Dog So Much That He Has Written a Letter To His New Family
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