When Nellie The Dog Hurried To Save Her Owner From The Snake, Snake Bit Her In The Face

Dogs are among the most loyal creatures on the planet, and when it comes to guarding their owners, they’ll go to any length to ensure their safety.
People may wonder whether a rescue dog can show the same level of devotion to their new owner since they have been mist.t.r.e.a.t.e.d  in the past.

One rescue dog, on the other hand, is determined to show that their devotion is permanent.

So much so that when out on a stroll with her foster mom, the brave dog leaped in between her and a rattlesnake, risking her own life.

Nellie, a 5-year-old pit bull, had spent most of her life in a shelter before being connected to foster mom Jane Taylor through a tiny volunteer-based group in Texas called Final Frontier Rescue Project.

Jane told The Dodo, “Nellie arrived to me a little bit overweight, which made her incredibly adorable.” “She was dubbed “our little potato bag” by us. But it wasn’t her natural shape, so we began running together, and she’s now a 45-pound pocket pittie.”

When Nellie initially came at her foster home, she was a bit anxious, and she steered away from loud sounds and strange people and animals. But one thing she liked doing was going on runs with her mother, and one Spring morning in March, she demonstrated exactly how brave she was.

“We hiked up to this massive granite dome… “We were crossing an area that isn’t regularly passed on our way back to the vehicle after the trek,” Jane said. “I didn’t see the snake at all; I heard it first and came to a halt, screaming.”

Nellie saw that her mother was in danger, and she reacted instantly.
Jane remembered, “She raced from behind me before I could even move aside or turn around — and she was on top of the snake.” “It was almost as if Nellie was on it when she raced over, shouting, ‘I got this one, Mom — keep going.'”

Nellie fought the snake for several minutes before being bitten in the face. Fortunately, a passing hiker was able to wrestle the snake away from Nellie by throwing his jacket over it. Jane and the hiker took the wounded dog to the vehicle and hurried her to the veterinarian.

“Her eyes were closed, her head was leaned back, and her mouth was wide when we put her in the vehicle,” Jane said. “She wasn’t ‘awooing’ in agony, but she was clearly upset.” I knew I needed to get her to the veterinarian as soon as possible.”

Thankfully, after receiving two vials of antivenom and medication for the bite wound, Nellie was able to take back her.

She was put on bed rest for a few days, but nothing could keep the puppy down for very long.

Jane said, “She’s such a strong dog.” “She was chasing squirrels again two days later.”

Jane instantly realized that something extraordinary had occurred after the incident. Nellie learned that life wasn’t as terrifying as she had imagined now that she had shown her courage!

Taylor stated, “She’s been decompressing and is now discovering how much fun life can be.” “Whenever we have guests around, she goes completely insane.” When the dogs come over, she realizes it’s time to play. She has a lot of toys now, so she’s not so possessive.”

Jane still thinks about the time Nellie saved her life, and she will be always thankful to the courageous little dog.

“Everyone’s first thought is that Nellie was trying to protect you,” Jane said. “And she very well may have, since she pays special attention on her walks if she sees anything or someone she doesn’t like. It’s incredible that she would go out of her way for me.”

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When Nellie The Dog Hurried To Save Her Owner From The Snake, Snake Bit Her In The Face
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